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What is a Vibration Plate?

Vibration plates use whole-body vibrations to transmit energy to your muscles and force them to contract and relax rapidly as a reflex. Generally, people do exercises on vibration plates to make the muscle work harder. Some exercises include squats, calf raises, and planks.

Benefits of Using The Vibration Plate

  • Fat loss and muscle gain

    • The vibrations that force your muscles to contract increases muscular activity and it requires energy which causes you to burn calories. 

  • Better muscle recovery

    • Studies show that whole body vibrations improve blood flow and by allowing more oxygen to reach the damaged tissues. 

  • Improved balance

    • The unstable surface forces you to constantly find your balance as you are using the vibration plate.

Who Should Use Vibration Plates? 

  • People trying to lose weight

  • Older adults - having better balance and muscle strength can prevent falls and accidents.

  • People with limited mobility - doing low-impact exercises on the vibration plate can reduce stiffness in joints

  • Athletes - can enhance athletic performance and reduce risks of injury

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