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Hip Mobility

Why Should You Increase Your Hip Mobility?

  • The hip connects the spine and lower limbs so it is important that the base is stable to allow for upper and lower body movements

  • Increased hip mobility decreases strain on the lower back and knees when walking, running, exercising, etc.

    • Can prevent lower back and knee injuries

  • For athletes: 

    • Having a full range of motion allows for increased athletic performance

    • Eg. deeper squats, higher jumps, more efficient movements

Exercises to Increase Hip Mobility



Lunge Stretch

  1. Get into a lunge position with the back leg straight and your hands on the floor for stability

  2. Drive your hips toward the ground until you feel the stretch

Butterfly Stretch

  1. Sit with your feet together and knees facing outwards

  2. Pull your feet in towards you and lean forward

  3. Use your hands to push the knees toward the ground



Lying Hip Stretch

  1. Lie down flat on your back with both legs bent 

  2. Cross one ankle to the opposite knee

  3. Pull the bottom leg towards your chest

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