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Debunking Myths - Sport Injury

Myth 1: "No Pain, No Gain."

Reality: Your body uses pain as a warning when something is wrong. Even more serious injuries can result from pushing through pain and ignoring it. While some soreness is common during vigorous activity, prolonged or acute pain should never be disregarded. Recovery depends on getting the proper care and adequate rest.

Myth 2: "Only Professional Athletes Need Therapy After an Injury."

Reality: Anyone recovering from an injury can gain from therapy. Through correcting muscle imbalances and weaknesses, therapy aids in function rehabilitation, increases mobility, and minimizes further injuries.

Myth 3: "You Don't Need to See a Doctor for Minor Injuries."

Reality: Even minor injuries can become serious if not properly treated. It's crucial to get expert medical attention if basic first aid fails to relieve an injury, or if you notice severe pain, swelling, or loss of function.

Myth 4: "You Can Self-Diagnose and Treat Sports Injuries with Online Information."

Reality: Though the internet can offer helpful information, self-injury diagnosis and treatment can be risky. It's critical to consult a medical practitioner for a proper diagnosis and course of therapy.

Myth 5: "Once Injured, You Should Avoid Exercise Altogether."

Reality: Even though it's important to rest, being completely inactive may delay recovery. Physical therapy and modified exercise can support rehabilitation and help people stay fit.

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